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Independent Test Results of Q-Roll Putters

Q-Roll submitted three of their putters to one of the leading independent testing firms, Swing Dynamics of Carlsbad, CA, for unconditional testing. The putters were set up on their robotic swing device in a standard position with the shaft at 90˚. The putting surface was Swing Dynamic’s standard putting surface that produces a Stimp Meter reading of 10.7 with the length of the putts being 10 feet. According to Swing Dynamics, “We have never hit a 10 foot putt on a 10.7 Stimp Meter better than we did with this putter. It’s an industry first. Even on off-center heel and toe hits, Q-Roll’s putter held the putting line better and proportionally gave more true roll energy than any other putter we’ve tested to date.”

Averaged over a total of 10 center hit putts, the Q-Roll putter achieved a Putter Efficiency Index (PEI) of 0.96, with a total skid distance before achieving “True Roll” of 10.7 inches. On off-center toe hits the PEI was 0.99 with a skid distance to true roll of 10.5 inches, and on off-center heel hits, the PEI was 0.97 with a skid distance to true roll of 10.4 inches.

MPH (1)
MPH (2)
RPM (3)
Q-Roll Center 4.0 3.5 434.2 10.7 0.96
Q-Roll Toe 3.8 3.5 501.6 10.5 0.99
Q-Roll Heel 3.0 3.5 454.5 10.4 0.97

1. Speed of golf ball at 3cm after putter impact
2. Speed of golf ball once it assumes true roll state
3. Revolutions Per Minute golf ball achieves 3cm after putter impact
4. Distance golf ball moves at a rate greater than its circumference
5. Amount of retained energy when golf ball assumes true roll state

The two most significant elements in achieving an optimum movement of a golf ball across a putting green, and the distance it travels, are: 1) the ability of the golf ball to reach a state of “True Roll” as quickly as possible so that it will track to the hole with less probability of deflection from its intended line, and 2) the amount of energy that the ball retains, from the impact with the putter head, after the ball achieves the state of true roll. These elements are critical in establishing a comprehensive Performance Efficiency Index (PEI).

True Roll can be described as the point at which the golf ball starts rolling within its circumference. Achieving true roll quickly has been a paramount issue with leading Tour Professionals. It directly relates to their ability to putt well.
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