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Q-Roll Putters are 100% Milled

Q-Roll Radius Face Technology™ putters are designed to strike the golf ball above its equator producing immediate topspin and a true and more accurate forward roll toward the hole. Each Q-Roll Classic putter is 100% milled from a high quality brass/nickel alloy, and each Q-Roll Celebration putter is 100% milled from 6061 aluminum.

We start with solid bars of brass/nickel alloy and 6061 aluminum, which are then cut into usable lengths and placed in CNC milling machines where a computer program takes over and proceeds to cut and shape the metal into putters, one by one. Now you can experience the same attention to detail as Tour Professionals have come to expect.

We take great pride in the care taken to bring this very precise and unique product to the marketplace. All models of the Q-Roll putter conform with USGA Rules.
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